An Introduction To The Story

This is a story about father and daughter. A father who has not seen her daughter before and did not know she existed until her mother's death. A touching story on how a little girl changes the life of an adult who was facing a mid-life crisis and how his world changes for the better when he held her little hand for the first time.

I have this sudden inspiration of writing this story when I witnessed how a little girl showered her love for another little boy last week that touches my heart. My mind gone wild and crazy as I formed a story and found tears in my eyes again. This is another amazing and heartfelt story that I like to share with you. 

Dylan Randell, Divorcee-          Yvonne's ex-husband
Yvonne Sawyer, Divorcee-      Yvonne
Lydia Sawyer-                            Yvonne's sister
Margaret Sawyer-                      Yvonne's mother
Chloe Sawyer-                            Yvonne's daughter
Doctor Anton Peterson-            Family Doctor
Doctor Brown Sovoren-             Brain Specialist

Director Rorne